Room for Rent

Given the high property prices, it is common for people to share an apartment in Taipei city. However, these “roommates” do not seem to know each other too well, despite the fact that they are in close proximity to each other. We usually come to know a person through his/her appearances and personal attributes, which somewhat reflect his or her personality.

On the one hand, our sense of self-identity is built around the clothes we wear and the way we talk. On the other hand, the living space is also an expression of personal identity. That said, I have decided to draw a room to illustrate a person’s image. The form of the illustration will be flyers with tear off tabs, which is a type of interactive Street Art. First, I will select four to five people, who I am familiar with.

Second, based on my own imagination of these people, I will draw several rooms on the flyers as illustrations on the flyers. Finally, I will print out these flyers and post them on the bulletin board at various locations. Anyone who is interested in the rooms listed on the flyers can tear off the tab with a contact link written on it and visit a website, which contains more information of the owner of the rooms.